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Anti-cellulite line: O&F Harmony Line

The term cellulite etymologically indicates an acute inflammation of unspecified cells. However, the media have been using this term for years to indicate an unsightly condition in the female body.
The improper term "cellulite" includes a picture of imperfections at the level of the supraesternal part of the thigh.

Among the causes of the formation of this physiological alteration, the most prominent one is a basic genetic predisposition influenced in various ways by dietary imbalances, incorrect living habits, insufficient motor activity, etc.

It is characterised by the infiltration of water and an accumulation of localised fat.

The formation of cellulite corresponds to an actual transformation of the hypodermis.
Cellulite does not appear suddenly, but has a precise evolution and diverse severity.
If left untreated, this process leads to the atrophy of the capillary vessels and the infiltration of fat into the intercellular spaces with the formation of painful cellulite nodules.

Cellulite manifests itself in various ways and in various parts of the body.
The initial phase materializes in a slight ache in venous and lymphatic circulation that acts on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, arriving at their degeneration.
As the venous circulation slows down, waste substances stagnate in the affected areas and infiltrate into the subcutaneous intersections, giving rise to the inflammatory process known as cellulite.

Cellulite is divided into three phases of growth:

  • Oedematous: it creates an oedema, i.e. accumulation of liquids, and is present in adipose tissue, especially around the ankles, calves, thighs and arms.

  • Fibrous: it forms a fibrosis, i.e. it increases the connective tissue that hardens the adipose tissue. It is characterized by small nodules and orange-peel skin.

  • Sclerotic: it forms a sclerosis so that the tissue becomes hard and large nodules are created. The surface is cold and painful.

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Harmony Harmony Fresh Cream, refreshing slimming cream

Harmony Fresh Cream, refreshing slimming cream

Cream with Soya Isoflavones for the treatment of imperfections in cellulitic tissues with marked venous ectasia. Its freshness promotes a beneficial...
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Harmony Harmony Sea Water gel, viscose sea water

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