Harmony Sea Water gel, viscose sea water

Harmony - Anti-cellulite Line

Seawater from the North of Brittany, filtered and sterilized, viscositized, with a marked oligo-remineralizing action; it mobilizes the stagnant liquids, enriched by the natural gel of Chondrus Crispus, seaweed from the Red Sea that stretches the skin and makes it silky.

Made in Italy

Not tested on animals

Code: AR006 Content: 150ml
€ 32,00

Active ingredients

  • Seawater

The Sea has always been the main source of life for all the inhabitants of the Earth, animals and plants.
Its water is a particular solution, particularly rich in mineral and organic substances.
There are 11 main mineral elements (trace elements): - Positive ions (Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Strontium).
Negative ions (Chlorine, Sulphate, Bicarbonate, Bromine, Boron, Fluorine).
The trace elements (from the Greek word
oligos = little) are mineral substances, metals in large part and to a lesser extent metalloids, which are normally found in small quantities in the human body, where they act as catalysts (i.e. activators) of important chemical reactions.
To act effectively, the trace elements must be present only in traces and mostly in ionic form so they carry an electric charge. Research in the field of biochemistry has shown that trace elements collaborate with enzymes (which are the substances produced by the body for the activation of chemical reactions of the metabolism); the enzymes are proteins, which are activated by the presence of a specific trace element, specific for each enzyme. In other words, the enzyme does not work until it is activated by the corresponding trace element.

This wealth of mineral elements makes seawater essential in stimulating the whole organism in its biological functions. Such elements improve blood and lymphatic circulation on the surface, increase dermal and epidermal hydration, stimulate lipolysis in adipocyte cells, remove stress from the muscles.

The seawater used is taken from the north of Brittany, about 5 km from the coast at a depth of 3 meters, filtered and sterilized.


  • Chondrus Crispus alga

Originally from the Red Sea, rich in marine elements such as calcium, magnesium, manganese.
Increases deep hydration thanks to the low content of polysaccharides, improves intracellular ion exchanges due to the presence of many trace elements, forms a protective film on the stratum corneum protecting it from external agents, and performs a superficial stretching action.

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